Welcome to Endometrium Database Resource

From its inception, the EDR has curated genes reported in the literature to be regulated in the uterus in human, mouse, rat, cow, guinea pig, pig, and sheep. This curation includes extraction of relative gene expression levels for genes that are significantly over- or under-expressed in the uterus. The EDR 2.4 has now expanded to also include annotations from public data sources for all genes from human, mouse and rat. By clicking on the EDR Genes tab, you can search or browse for any gene in these species to find gene detail information (e.g., Entrez gene symbol, chromosome, etc.), gene annotations (e.g., GEO phase expression graphs, GO ontology terms, and gene orthologs), PubMed gene search results, and external links. For genes that were also curated by experts, you will also obtain information on microarray papers and the relative gene expression for experiments within the papers.

The EDR also supplies tools that allow you to easily compare relative RNA expression from different experimental conditions in curated publications to determine how those conditions affect gene expression differs in various layers of the uterus. Overall, the EDR will serve as an evolving resource that benefits the global reproductive biology research community.

The EDR is supported by NICHD/NIH through cooperative agreement (U54) as part of the Specialized Cooperative Centers Program in Reproduction Research.